DERMA Documentary: Biomaterials in Action

Odour Capture Material

Antimicrobial Material

Diagnostic Material

The Patient-Clinician Experience

Thereby, the project will progressively be able to deliver intermediary outputs:

⦁    Design of final prototypes of the OAAWD and the DWD visualized by a computer animation depicting functionality and then sent to a large panel of stakeholders

⦁    Prototypes of the OAAWD and of the DWD incorporating the previously elected designs and tested for functionality which will be displayed in Portsmouth’s public dissemination event and in the project’s closure event in Lille

⦁    Route-to-market action plans for the OAAWD and DWD in order to be assured of the good delivery of project’s results

⦁    Portfolios containing technical and legislative information on the OAAWD and the DWD freely available for any of match-making sessions’ participants, potentially over 120 SMEs.